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June in Sunset Beach is supposed to be a time for sun, fun and family. This June it was going to be anything but for the families in this beautiful beach town. Little did anyone realize this North Carolina town would be forced into the national spotlight. Terrorism, murder and intrigue had come to visit. Vacationing Sheriff TJ Sloane was out of his jurisdiction but not out of his element. The intrigue quickly became personal and this career law enforcement officer was going to be pushed further than he had ever been pushed before. Sunrise at Sunset is the first of a trilogy as part of the Defender Series. This first book deals with murder, and terrorist activity that is supposed to happen in other places around the world, not Sunset Beach, North Carolina. The players are from around the globe but Washington, DC seems to be the epicenter of what’s wrong with America's Intelligence community, and Sunset Beach is where it begins. Will the country survive?

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