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Mailbox by the Sea is a love story filled with suspense and an ending you will never forget. The ultimate beach read is here.

Amy Cole has her entire life mapped out by her mother, Catherine. Finish high school, attend Juilliard School in New York and become a famous concert violinist. Amy reluctantly agrees to her mother's plans. Everything changes during summer break after her junior year of high school. That's when she meets Mason at Carolina Beach. He is the most unique guy she has ever known. Their innocent summer romance evolves into falling deeply in love.

Amy and Mason are subjected to a series of schemes orchestrated by her mother to end their relationship. They are eventually torn apart.

Years later, Mason receives a mysterious letter written by Amy's aunt. The letter sends Mason on a quest to visit a mailbox on a beach Amy spoke frequently about. Known as Kindred Spirit, Amy and her aunt would frequently visit the mailbox to read the expressions of love and loss left by people from all over the world. What will happen when Mason accepts the letter's request to be at the Kindred Spirit Mailbox on a certain day and time? It's an ending that will stay with you a long time.

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