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Who takes their kids on a honeymoon? All of them . . . a nine-year-old, a newborn baby, and eight cemetery ghost kids. When the honeymoon is to Disney World, it makes sense to take the whole family. So Piper and Drew load up a rented motorhome and head south.

It’s a wild adventure with never a dull moment for the newlyweds. Did I mention that Glory, the ghosts’ mother, already their O.C.D. housekeeper, stows away and becomes a chronic shoplifter? Or that Piper’s Christmas present from the cemetery kids, a baby Magpie that grows full-sized almost overnight, tags along and has a penchant for stealing shiny things?

When Drew takes Piper out for a romantic dinner at an elegant restaurant in Epcot, he is more than just a little embarrassed when he discovers his father’s corporate credit card has been compromised. He is livid and determined to get the culprit. What follows is a Disney adventure with more twists and turns than the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride.

Come along for the fun, come along for the thrill, and come along for the escapades of the cemetery kids as they haunt the Haunted House.

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