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An ultracool way to hold on to those memories this strong and elastic silicone is a fashionable and functional way to display a pressed penny.  Simply insert your pressed penny into the pliable, 100% surgical-grade silicone (not latex) wristband.

  • All shapes of pennies will fit (short or long tailed pennies)  regardless how the penny machine is calibrated...PRESS ON!
  • Fast Fact: Silicone is a natural element (& the second most common element in the Earth's crust). Its's used to make glass & medical grade silicone (like our products) because it's non-toxic, durable & biocompatible (works well with the human body).
  • Exceeds all safety standards of FDA & CPSIA
  • Patent No. D685,668 S & US D688,968 S
  • Naturally Derived - Non-Toxic - Ultra Durable 
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